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Volume control

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It is an application to adjust the volume .Function- The setting of the incoming / alarm / media / notification / call / system volume( The "Ring ", " notification " becomes " incoming call notification " in Android 3.0 or higher)
- Toggle silent mode , vibration mode , in normal mode tab( There is no " vibration mode" model there is no vibration in Android 3.0 or higher)
- Lock ring volumeThis prevents incoming call volume to be changed , such as volume keys of the terminal body when you close the application . ( To prevent rather than change the ring volume , manners / Vibrate / Normal mode to be changed in Android 2.1.)
- Color variationsYou can choose from blue, green, yellow , pink, red , purple, orange color , such as a slider , you can select "dark" from " bright " is also background .
- Widget to switch silent mode , vibration mode , normal mode with one touch ( You can not use widgets when you move to the SD card the app . )
Setting- On / Off feature that resides in the notification bar
- On / Off of the ability to re- set the volume at startup( Not required by the terminal . )
- On / Off of the ability to re- configure each volume to manners / Vibrate / Normal mode when changing
- On / Off of the features that play a sound when changing the volume with the slider
· On / Off the display of the system volume(Because it is synchronized with the incoming sound by the terminal )
- android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGSTo set the On / Off synchronization and notification sounds ringtone Android1.6-2.3.3
-android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED To display an icon in the notification bar at startup . To re- set the volume at startup